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Hangsen TPD notification ongoing in 15 EU Countries As a key player in Europe market, Hangsen keeps abreast of the changes brought by TPD and proactively takes action for client’s benefits and long-term development. The TPD notification submission in 15 EU countries (more countries in plan) is ongoing, and we constantly keep our clients informed in time and look for win-win solution for mutual growth. Being TPD compliant is an essential part in Hangsen global business strategy. We cordially invite visionary entrepreneurs to join us and grasp the golden business opportunities. Hangsen products you will find in the store: E Cigarette Shop

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What it means for you: TPD compliant 200+ SKU selectable shipped from Hangsen European factory to more than 15 EU countries. Check with your account manager on SKU in those countries, and if you are looking for long-term cooperation in specific countries, do not hesitate to contact us! Tel: 0086-755-22218360 Email: Look forward to hearing from you!

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What you need to know about Emission Testing for UK TPD Article 20(2) of Directive 2014/40/EU [TPD] places an obligation on the manufacturers and importers of electronic cigarettes to submit a notification to the competent authorities of the Member States of such products they intend to market. Article 20(2) (b) of the TPD requires the notification to include a list of the emissions which result from the use of the product. The TPD requires emissions from all notified products to be included within the submission. The testing should be carried out in accordance with the expected use of the product and the usage instructions as provided in the product's user leaflet, or by a standardized puff regime once available (reference should then be made to this standard in the submission). Hangsen in Cooperation with 4 Global Authoritative Laboratories for TPD Tests Hangsen e liquid invests heavily on ensuring products TPD compliant. We are in cooperation with 4 authoritative laboratories, in USA, UK, Canada and China, for accurate test result. To date, emission analysis, toxicological data analysis, nicotine content and consistency tests are completed. Latest notification submission will be released in time for our clients. GCC Testing Ongoing in USA, Stay Tuned with Hangsen! The Child Nicotine Poisoning Prevention Act of 2015 (CNPPA), Pub.L.No.114-116, was enacted on January 28,2016, requiring any nicotine provided in a liquid nicotine container sold, offered for sale, manufactured for sale, distributed in commerce, or imported into the United States to be in “special packaging”, as defined by the Poison Prevention Packaging Act (PPPA) Any liquid nicotine packaging that is manufactured or imported after the effective date of July 26, 2016, must be in special packaging that meets the standards in 16 C.F.R. §1700.15, as determined through testing in accordance with the methods described in 16 C.F.R. §1700.20. Thus, beginning on July 26, 2016, the sale of liquid nicotine in non-compliant containers is prohibited. For more information on certification, please visit

For General Certificate of Conformity (GCC), Hangsen commissioned authoritative third-party laboratories to test Hangsen products in USA. The tests are ongoing, for more information, please consult your account manager or email to