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Can the e-cigarette replace the nicotine patch?



E Cigarette - Nicotine substitute preparations, such as nicotine patches, but also corresponding chewing gums, lozenges or other products, are well suited for weaning tobacco smokers from nicotine.

Now British scientists are assuming that even e-cigarettes have such an effect. The researchers at the British Royal College of Physicians see in the electronic cigarette as a viable alternative to these products.

It is unquestionable for a long time that the use of the e-cigarette protects nicotine-dependent humans from the ingestion of several toxic substances and carcinogens. These enter into the blood circulation through the tobacco consumption and harm the health.

To date, a study by the University College London has been conducted on 181 people who are dependent on nicotine.

  • For this purpose the subjects were divided into five groups:
  • Smokers who smoke only tobacco cigarettes
  • Former smokers who have been using exclusively e-cigarettes for at least six months
  • Former smokers who have been using only nicotine substitutes for at least six months
  • Smokers who use tobacco products next to e-cigarettes
  • Consumers of nicotine substitute preparations and tobacco

Now the doctors performed different analyzes. For this purpose, they examined urine and saliva samples of the volunteers, it could be shown clearly that the renouncement of smoking of tobacco led to a drastic reduction of the carcinogens in saliva and urine. This became particularly evident in the group, which had exclusively moved to e-cigarettes. Here the concentration of certain carcinogens was 97 per cent lower than for tobacco smokers.

So, if you rely entirely on e-cigarettes, you are likely to significantly reduce the risk of cancer associated with tobacco smoking. What remains is the addiction to nicotine. All five groups showed similar concentrations of nicotine degradation products. The nicotine substitute preparations are obviously also not suitable for ending addiction to nicotine.