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E-cigarette falls under smoking ban in schools

News Although there is still uncertainty in many schools, the e-cigarette is actually under the legal smoking ban at school. An e-cigarette can contain both nicotine and no nicotine. In the past, the shisha was especially popular with children and young people. This is an e-cigarette that usually does not contain nicotine and tobacco and has a variety of colors and (alcohol) flavors. Today, the popularity of the regular e-cigarette - with fillings containing a variable amount of nicotine - also increases in adolescents.

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VIGeZ recommends the use of both shisha pen and ordinary e-cigarette by young people because they can harm health and reduce the threshold for them. Smoking ban in schools Since September 1, 2008, there is a general smoking ban in schools. The legislature imposed this ban on smoking tobacco-based products and similar products. The e cigarette falls under "similar products", so it is forbidden in all cases where a smoking ban is in school. Even if that electronic cigarette does not contain nicotine and no tobacco. E-cigarette just to stop smoking It is true that the nicotine e-cigarette can be an effective aid when quitting smoking.

This also applies to young people who are already smoking. But the intention is to stop the e-cigarette in the long run. First stop the tobacco cigarette, then also with the e-cigarette and thus with nicotine. To young people who do not smoke, VIGeZ gives another message: leave the e-cigarette left. As a teacher, teach youngsters what e-cigarettes are and they are not harmless and innocent. E-cigarette may reduce access to tobacco and / or a nicotine addiction. In addition, nicotine for young people is not an innocent substance: if the brain is still in development, nicotine is very harmful. Also, the brain of young people is much more susceptible to a nicotine addiction.