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"E-cigarette seems good smoking stuff, but is and stays a cigarette"

It is today World Day without tobacco. An alternative to many smokers today in their attempt to stop is the e-cigarette. Such a vapor cigarette in the short term is a pack less unhealthy than a regular cigarette, but it is unclear what the impact of long-term e-smoking on our health is, says Tobacco Christine Plets in "The Morning".

electronic cigarette Irelandelectronic cigarette Ireland

In addition to smoking stop medication and nicotine replacement products, the "vapor" or e-cigarette wins popularity with smokers who want to stop or reduce. An electronic cigarette is also a nicotine replacement: users inhale the dust through vapor generated by a liquid that is heated, and not through the smoke, as with a regular cigarette. Both ordinary cigarettes and vapors release vapor clouds, but only with cigarettes and cigars is a combustion process that releases harmful substances. "We see people nowadays opting for an e-cigarette to quit smoking, and it's definitely less unhealthy than a regular cigarette because no substances are burned.

Tar and carbon monoxide, the waste that burns a cigarette Get rid of it, "Plets explains. "But those products are not yet available for long-term marketing, to know if they are working as well as other smoking cessation methods, and the long-term health risks are unclear. "Smoking product always unhealthy" According to Plets, the e-cigarette is healthy, according to Plets, one step too far. "There are no combustibles released, but there are additives and other harmful substances. Thus, completely unsafe is the e-cigarette, even though the concentrations of the active ingredients and the waste are much lower than with conventional tobacco products," explains They out "The impression is that an e-cigarette is basically no harm, but actually no-one knows what the long-term effects are. You should also not forget that most e-cigarettes are manufactured by tobacco companies who are most addicted to their clients Nicotine, with any product. "

Plets therefore finds it appropriate that the same regulations apply to all tobacco products. "Cigarettes and e-cigarette may not be sold to minors, or used in public places. It is good that smoking behavior is not normalized in any way. A cigarette is and remains a cigarette, whether it is burned or electric. "