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Irish E-cigarette seems to withstand fire test

Since their entry into the Irish market in 2009, e-cigarette caused a lot of controversy. Eight years and a multitude of studies later, the e-cigarette seems to have the benefit of the doubt. You see them more and more, people surrounded by a big smoke cloud. They 'fume', as it's called. The popularity of e-cigarettes has increased significantly in recent years. In Ireland, its daily use is even quadrupled: from 0.5 percent of the population to 2 percent.

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This is evidenced by a European study1, which figures between 2012 and 2015. Also worldwide are e-cigarettes booming business. The Euromonitor research agency estimated the sales of e-cigarette and their accessories worldwide at 7 billion euros in 2015, twelve times more than in 2009. People still use e-cigarettes for the same reason as in 2009: they want to quit smoking. An argument that advocates of the e-cigarette: If you use an e-cigarette, you smoke less or even no ordinary cigarettes. Whether the e-cigarette was the safest way to quit smoking was just the question. Critics express their concern about the unknown health effects of short and long-term fumes.

Also the lack of regulation and guidelines for the production and use of e-cigarettes led them to chest. And what about the composition of the e-liquid and the vapor? A lot of questions that come up with a little bit by bit.